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Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is a vital service to well operations. Our sophisticated coiled tubing unit has been involved in providing stimulation, nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, clean-out, scale removal, thru tubing plug setting and other complex well application solutions.


  • Acidizing/fracturing
  • Circulation
  • Jetting solvents for scale, paraffin removal
  • Pumping of chemicals
  • Well clean Out
  • Well activation by unloading fluid with N2
  • Drilling/milling (hard scale or bridge plug)
  • Fishing or retrieving plugs/packers
  • Well control/killing

Equipment and Resources

  • Skid mounted CTU
  • DNV certified skid for offshore lifting
  • Operating cabin
  • Power pack
  • PCE
  • 1 ½" Coil of 5500M
  • Injector
  • Gooseneck (72")
  • Stripper
  • Continuous pulling capacity: 80,000 lb
  • Continuous snubbing capacity: 40,000 lb
  • Maximum speed (minimum displacement): 200 feet/min
  • Maximum speed ( maximum displacement): 108 feet/min
  • High pressure piping
  • REAM HMI data acquisition system
  • Downhole tools

Fluid Pumping

TCI offers a wide range of fluid pumping services for both coiled tubing operations and standalone projects. Our pumps have inbuilt heating units so that they can be used for hot oiling applications. We have units that are skid mounted as well as on wheels, ensuring flexibility of movement in compact spaces.


  • Pumping support for coiled tubing operations including efficient and safe chemical and lubricant pumping
  • Diagnostic fracture injection tests (DFITs) including charting of data
  • Heating oil or treatment fluid
  • Removal of wax deposits in wellheads and pipelines
  • Various well stimulations including acid treatments
  • Circulation operations

Equipment and Resources

  • Skid mounted pumping unit
  • Truck mounted pumping unit
  • Built in operator panel
  • Triplex pump with 3” & 3.5” plunger
  • High pressure system- 10,000 psi
  • Built in direct fired heater
  • Built in tank
  • Built in data acquisition system
  • High pressure piping
  • Wellhead connections and fittings
  • On skid diagnostics recording and data transmission

Nitrogen Pumping

Our nitrogen pumping service unit is in accordance with international standards. The skid mounted flameless nitrogen converter model VNF-180K-10 is capable of pumping & vaporizing LN2 at a rate of 32 gallons per min producing 180,000 SCFH of gaseous N2 at pressures up to 10,000 PSI. The flameless vaporizer is based on patented quad-phase heat exchanger. The system is capable of maintaining gaseous N2 discharge temperature of at least 70°F at all possible pumping rates and pressures.


  • Well unloading to activate well
  • Pressure testing
  • Foam or nitrified fluid for cleanout and stimulation
  • Gel foam cleanouts
  • Production facilities leak testing
  • Foam cementing
  • Pipeline purging

Equipment and Resources

  • Skid mounted flameless nitrogen pumping unit
  • N2 triplex pump with maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
  • Maximum flow rate 180,000 SCFH
  • Power pack of 525 BHP
  • Patented quad phase LN2 vaporizer rated @180,000 SCFH @10,000 PSI
  • LN2 booster pump with hydraulic drive motor
  • Cryogenic piping
  • LN2 storage tank
  • High pressure piping
  • Wellhead connections and crossovers


Our slickline services utilize advanced equipment and tools to offer a wide range of solutions for downhole complications in wells, maintaining the desired cost effectiveness of the well. The service line is managed and operated by a highly skilled and experienced team adhering to the highest operational and safety standards.


  • Installing/retrieving down-hole flow control devices
  • Cleaning of the wellbore (wax removal, scale removal)
  • Installing/retrieving down-hole safety valves
  • Installing/retrieving bridge plugs, profile & non profile plugs
  • Shifting sliding sleeves
  • Setting of hydraulic packers
  • Locating tubing ends
  • Hole probe
  • Sample bailing
  • Locating tubing end
  • Swabbing operation
  • Memory production logging
  • Bottom hole pressure & temperature survey
  • Static & flowing gradient survey
  • Bottom hole sampling
  • Installing/retrieving gas-lift valves
  • Fishing services
  • Tubing pack off

Equipment and Resources

  • New generation double drum flyline slickline units
  • 0.108” & 0.125” slickline wire API 9A and SUPA 75
  • PCE
  • Mechanical intervention tools
  • Fishing intervention tools
  • Different down hole well plugs
  • Memory production logging tool
  • Memory pressure and temperature gauge
  • Bottom hole sampling tool

Wellhead Maintenance

Current technological advancements in the oil and gas extraction process have resulted in an increase in the estimated life of well and the field. In order to safeguard asset integrity, it is becoming increasingly important to adequately service and maintain wellhead and tree assemblies. TCI with its years’ of experience in working with wellheads systems, both onshore and offshore, offers wide-ranging and cost-effective wellhead maintenance services.


First line wellhead maintenance

  • Monitor well pressures
  • Inflow testing of x-mas tree valves
  • Function testing/servicing of valves (all types of valve -gate, ball, plug), chokes and actuators
  • X-mas tree valve greasing and valve pressure test
  • Annulus valve greasing and valve pressure test
  • Function and pressure test of valve actuators
  • Tubing hanger check
  • Service of swab cap
  • Pressure bleeding/monitoring
  • Safety valve function testing
  • Record general wellhead condition (clean, paint, corrosion, etc.)

Second line wellhead maintenance – Involves carrying out repairs or replacement of malfunctioned wellhead components detected during or after first line wellhead maintenance.

  • Installation and removal of BPV's
  • Christmas tree valves repairs or gate and seat assembly replacement
  • Choke or bean box replacement
  • SSV pilots repair/change or resetting

Equipment and Resources

  • 10K psi portable greasing units
  • 7.5K psi portable greasing units
  • 10K psi sealant injection guns

Well Testing

We offer integrated well testing in the exploration, appraisal and development phases of oil and gas wells. With almost two decades of experience coupled with state of the art equipment and technical expertise, our aim is to provide precise testing results. Clients avail our services for extended well tests, leading to early production facilities that allow them a force multiplier, further monetising their exploration wells in the shortest of time. This is executed prior to a more detailed engineering study for permanent production setups.


  • Surface well testing
  • Sand management
  • Frac flowback
  • Extended well testing/li>
  • Early production facility

Equipment and Resources

  • Separator
  • Flow head
  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) valve
  • Data header
  • Choke manifold
  • Indirect water bath heater
  • Heat exchanger
  • Surge tank
  • Centrifugal & progressive cavity transfer pump
  • Gauge tank
  • Vertical flare stack
  • Snake burner
  • Debris catcher
  • Dual pot sand filter
  • Sacrificial choke manifold
  • Storage tanks
  • Piping, crossovers, fittings and ancillaries
  • Instrumentation

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